Introduction To My Blog

Hi and Welcome,

There’s a few things in life I enjoy: Reading, Movies (documentaries included) and sharing my thoughts on the aforementioned as well as thoughts on life. That is the reason I created this blog site. I wanted to share what I’ve watched, read and the going ons in life.

My viewings are of those lesser known. The same goes for my readings. Many are writing on films that are currently in the theater or books from popular authors. If I were to follow suit, I would get lost in the shuffle. In addition, I don’t want to share what’s already out there. My goal is turn you all on to movies and books you may not heard of as I was once turned on to movies and books I’ve never heard of.

I hope you enjoy the posts and please provide feedback or suggestions either via the post itself or via the contact page.

Thank you for visiting.


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