Gerald’s Game [Movie Review]

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i have tried reading some books of Stephen King’s #stephenking and I can’t get through them. They are way too detailed, drawn out and at times pointless. I seriously wonder how he became such a successful novelist as he has.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the man is talented..but only in the idea department. But when it comes to writing out the idea, I’m not impressed.


If it wasn’t for the movies, I wouldn’t know who Stephen King is. I absolutely love the movies made of books from ChristineStand By Me, Misery, Shawshank Redemption, and definitely Carrie. The only movie I didn’t care for is It. 

Now I can add another King novel turned into a movie to my list of likes and that’s Gerald’s Game.


Gerald and Jessie head to a friend’s vacation house in the middle of nowhere to try to save their marriage but adding a little spice to their sex life. But when Gerald dies and Jessie is left handcuffed to the bed, it’s Jesse who needs saving. Not just her life, but her mind and definitely her soul.


The movie does a great job of setting everything up. I was concerned they were going to spend a lot of time on a sex scene because people think they have to have soft porn in movies to bring in the viewers. Let me tell you, you don’t. There was a time when movies indicated something went on without showing something going on and those movies were successful and are not classics. But I digress.

As mentioned, I thought a lot of time was going show the unnecessary, but it didn’t. It showed enough to set up to provide one of the symbols and I guess you can say, another character in the movie. The handcuffs.

We are introduced to another character in the movie early on which is a stray dog. But what makes the dog an interesting character is he has a collar so he belongs to someone. However, Gerald won’t let Jessie get close enough to the dog to find out who it’s owners are. This is an interesting fact when you know the rest of the movie.


While Jessie is handcuffed to the bed, she begins having conversations with her dead husband as well as herself. There is also an unwelcome guest that shows up here and there and Jessie begins to wonder if this person is part of her delusion as well. We also have the dog that is there throughout the time of Jessie’s delusions or illusions. It depends on how you see it.

Through these incidents we learn a lot about Jessie and that the handcuffs are not only physical torments for her but also a symbols of her past, which she has carried her entire life. This isn’t something I’m thinking up. It was actually mentioned in the movie by herself to herself during one of her illusions. But the handcuffs were not only a symbol, they were also another character in the movie as was the bed and her slip. But the main symbol in the movie was her being stuck in a place in which she can call out for help all she wants, but no one will hear her.


Jessie was stuck in the bed for almost two days and not once did she make a bathroom run in the bed. Everyone has to go the bathroom at least once or twice a night, but apparently not Jessie. I know it’s only a movie, but this is something that kinda had me scratching my head. However, I was able to let this go rather quickly because the movie itself was so well written and directed it kept you sitting on the edge of your seat and mind constantly trying to solve this enigma we called Jessie’s life.


It wouldn’t be a Stephen King movie it there wasn’t some disturbing gore scene within the movie. Although brief, it will have you squirming and groaning with pain as you’re watching. I personally found this to be a symbol as well. Not the squirming and groaning by the viewer, but what actions Jessie had to take. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.


I absolutely loved this movie. I will be watching it a few more times for I feel I will find something new each time I watch it.

Everyone on this planet should watch the movie. You don’t have to be a Stephen King fan to enjoy the movie. I’m not a fan of his but I love his movie. And as mentioned, this has been added to my favorite King books made into a movie.

: Carla Gugino (The Watchmen, Sin City); Bruce Greenwood (Knots LandingI, RobotAmerican Dad)
Written By: Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard (based on the Stephen King novel)
Directed By: Mike Flanagan
Release Date: 29 September 2017
Country: United States
Location: Mobile, Alabama
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10
Rotten Tomatoe Rating: 91%
Current Streaming on Netflix


There are a number of references to previous King novels/movies within this movie:

  • Gerald refers to the stray dog as Cujo
  • Gerald says the line: “all things serve the beam” – Dark Towers reference
  • Jessie describes a woman looking over a well (a dream she had) – this is a reference to Delores Clairborn
  • Jessie describes a man with a bag of bones – Bag of Bones is another Stephen King novel

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Her Infidelity [Lifetime Movie Review]


As someone who enjoy Lifetime TV movies and LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) movies I’m always seeking movies I haven’t seen before. There was a time I had seen all the movies on either Lifetime channels. However, with us getting rid of DVR and me watching Saturday Night Football (college) I missed a lot of the movies. And working full time does not allot a lot of time for movie watching during the day.


Lifetime movies are not known for their great acting nor great writing and at times cheesy, but I have to admit they are good, if you can get past the fore mentioned.


This is how I select my Lifetime movies, by the premise. Well, this is how we select all our movies, isn’t it. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. And this time it didn’t at all.

The premise of Her Infidelity is this: A woman feeling down about her marriage has a one-night stand with her son’s teacher. Sounds simple right? Of course it does. And since it said “her son’s teacher” I was thinking teen age son. But noooooooooo. The son is in grade school so the teacher is probably in his late 20’s, right? Well the mother looks like she’s in her 40’s. Yeah, she looked old. There are people that look great at that age, so I’m not knocking the age at all. I shouldn’t since I’m so old I can tell you about Noah’s Ark from personal experience. But I digress.


Besides everything? The connection/chemistry between the wife and husband was off not to mention the acting between the two was just horrid. The son’s acting was even worse. He sounded like he was reading his lines instead of speaking them. The only good acting was from the psychopath teacher and that’s from facial expressions to his actual acting. The best friend in the movie was one of those you were hoping the psychopath would kill so there would be one less torturous character to have to deal with.


Yeah, I could change the channel but as mentioned these movies are good if get past everything I just mentioned. But sometimes the movie is just so bad that even the premise starts to seem like a bad idea.


I always wonder who writes these horrible movies and why Lifetime picks them up. I wonder how many stations have the writers pitched their ideas to before they went to Lifetime? I’m starting to think that Lifetime is the starting point for most writers, producers and actors/actresses. I know it may sound like I’m bashing Lifetime movies, but I’m really not. I’m just bashing this one. For the most part, Lifetime (both channels) have some really good movies despite the bad acting. Unwanted Guest is a prime example of this.


Premise: When Amy has nowhere to go for winter break, her friend Christine insists she come stay with her family. What begins as a dream situation turns into a nightmare when Amy starts to obsess and wreak havoc on her welcoming hosts (

Here’s another movie with a good premise that I thought would find worth watching and it was. Again, the only good acting was done by Amy. The mother was pretty descent as was the father, but the daughter, Christine, was just awful. However, the writing and directing was well done that you overlooked a lot. If you can find this movie, it’s worth the watch.


While researching this movie I learned that the mother was played by Rachel Hunter. If that names sounds familiar it’s because she used to be married to Rod Stewart. But that doesn’t give her the right to think she can act, does it? See, now I’m being hard on the woman. She did her best with what she was given, both script wise and directing wise.


I disliked the movie. The potential was definitely there, especially given the premise. As with all Lifetime movies (both channels) it had a happy ending. This is the cheesy part of these movies, but sometimes they are done well and sometimes they are done so cheesy you quickly grab the remote and change the channel to anything.



Country: CANADA
Language: English
Release Date: 22 April 2015 (Canada)
Also Known As: Infedele
Stars: Rachel Hunter (the mother), Clayton Chitty (the teacher) and Lane Edwards (the husband)
Written By: Alan Donahue and Christine Will
Directed By: Christine Will

Even the trailer looks inviting:

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Berlin Syndrome [Movie Review]


Clare (Teresa Palmer), an architect photography is traveling through Eastern Europe to take photos of building when she meets Andi (Max Riemelt) in Berlin, who is a native Berliner and a professor at Uni (a university). They immediately hit it off. Clare ends up having a one night stand with Andi at his apartment. When she awakes the next morning she finds Andi has left (for work) and the door boarded with no way out. Clare doesn’t think much about it but still tries to find a way out. But it doesn’t take Clare long to realize she’s gotten her self in quite a fix. She also learns later in the movie that she’s not the only one Andi has done this too.


As Clare spends her days locked in Andi’s apartment she finds more disturbing things about Andi and the things he has done to other women. Each day becomes a desperation to get out. The closer Clare gets to escaping the more obstacles she runs into and the more controlling Andi gets.


This is a hard movie to watch for it makes you feel Clare’s pain, anguish and desperation. You want to fly to Berlin, if you’re not there already, and try to save her.

What makes this even more disturbing is this sort of thing happens every day. The most infamous one is The Cleveland Kidnappings in which Ariel Castro held three women (Michell Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus) prisoner in his home for 10 years, from 2002 to 2013. Because of Castro’s demeanor when in public no one suspected a thing from him, as with Andi in the movie. Yes, Andi is a bit strange, but people have come to accept him as such. But he’s also a likable guy

Palmer and Riemelt make the movie even more hard to watch due to excellent acting by both.


Some dubbed what Clare had with Andi the Stockholm Syndrome.

Feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor (Google)

I disagree with this analogy. I felt Clare did what she needed to do to keep her sanity to continue to gain and keep his trust, even in times of when he caught her trying to escape. When someone puts you in a situation in which your freedom is taken away, there’s no way you could fall in love or have affection for that person. What you end up having is survival instincts and if making your captor think you trust them and having feelings for them is the way to go, then you do it.


This is one of the reasons why I love foreign films, the acting. Palmer and Riemelt were excellent, as I’ve mentioned. But there were actors I’ve never heard of. Not knowing the players won’t have me comparing them to other roles I’ve seen them. However, because of movies such as this, I am inclined to watch other movies Palmer and Riemelt were in.

Foreign films don’t seem as restricted as American films seem to be, unless you’re an indie filmmaker. But even indie filmmakers don’t hold a candle to foreign films for me. As mentioned, the acting does it for me. But also learning of other countries is another reason I enjoy foreign films. Learning of different cultures and traveling the world without leaving the comfort of my living room is great. On the same note, these movies make me want to actual visit the countries they are filmed in.


Release Date: 26 May 2017
Country: Australia
Languages: English, German and Russian
Run Time: 116 minutes
Stars: Teresa Palmer as Clare and Max Riemelt as Andi
Directed by: Cate Shorland
Written by: Shawn Grant (screenplay)
Based on the novel of the same name by: Melanie Joosten
I heard the novel was just as hard to read. It’s been said that both the novel and movie were          great; neither was better than the other, which is rare when it comes to book to movie adaption
Currently streaming: Netflix

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